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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

If you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit..but if you do it for 90 it becomes a part of who you are.

I know what you're thinking, "why in the world would I want to start another challenge, especially one that lasts 90 days?" Trust me, I hear you. But this isn't a get skinny quick scheme, or even a diet so intense you can't ever go out to eat again. 5 to Thrive was introduced to me by a professor who, like most of us, is in love with Rachel Hollis. Hollis and her husband began this challenge as a way of keeping a healthy routine the last 90 days of the year. We all set resolutions and goals for the new year but how often do we ACTUALLY keep those through the end of the year? Almost never. The Hollidays are the most wonderful excuse to eat whatever we want, indulge in everything, and we loose sight of our original goals. May I present this challenge as an easy & positive way to realign yourself with the person you want to be and challenge yourself to develop a healthy routine.

Here's how it works: Starting October 1 and continuing through the end of December, you commit to these 5 things...

1. Get up an hour earlier than you normally do and use the time for YOURSELF

For me, this looks like getting up and doing my devotional either at my desk or outside. Taking this extra time to focus on the Lord and pray, has been transformational. Every other day my friends and I will spend this time reading our Bibles together. This strengthens our community and helps us hold each other accountable in our walks with Christ.

2. Workout for at least thirty minutes

This is such a good practice & one that once I stopped playing sports I completely neglected. Moving our bodies is so important and has proven to allow us to lead happier, more productive, and of course, healthier lives. This is also something that you can do in community. Grab a girlfriend and try and follow a workout video, try a local yoga studio or simply walk your dog...just get those endorphins pumping!

3. Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day

What I love about this is that you're not having to take anything away. So often I feel like challenges are full of things that you have to remove from your life...well not with #3! Drinking water is something that comes with so many benefits and is also SO EASILY forgotten. I know you VSCO girls have your hydroflasks with you at all times, so it's time to drink up! Something my sister uses is an app called Plant Nanny...this app has you pick out a super cute plant and as you log the water your drink it waters your plant!

4. Give up one food category you know you shouldn't be eating

This is the hardest one. I really want you to know that you don't have to give up whole food groups or never drink soda again. Number 4 is simply trying to make you aware of all the things we put in our bodies and how changing just one thing can make you feel accomplished and, more than anything, healthier. For me, this looked like giving up extra carbs: chips & queso, fries, cookies, etc. for my friend Addie, she gave up sweets. We all know that one thing we know we shouldn't eat...so let's cut it out together.

5. Write down ten different things you're grateful for every single day

This is my favorite commitment and, in my opinion, the most impactful. Everyday before I go to bed I sit down and reflect on my day, looking for the good. Practicing gratitude will shift the way you view your day AND the people around you. By focusing on the good you will begin to see it throughout your day and throughout your life. Instead of writing down "I'm grateful for my friend Sophia," be specific and try writing "I'm so grateful for the way my friend Sophia makes me laugh so hard that I cry." After a while, this will be like second nature. On bad days, this practice forces you to try and find the good, even in the worst times. Wanna take it a step further? If you write about someone, let them know! How special would that person feel if they knew how, even the little things they do, you appreciate so much!

You can jump into this challenge at anytime and it's become such a fun way to foster a community with my friends & grow into the healthiest version of myself. By doing this challenge with people I love we are able to hold each other accountable, workout together, and cheer each other on towards our goals. Working with others has helped motivate me to stay on track and makes working out way more fun! I hope that this challenge is something you decide to take on with us...I know God is going to use the next 90 days to change your life, He's already changing mine.

1 Corinthians 10:31

Whether you eat, or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God

I have this cute reminder as the wallpaper on my phone!

#5toThrive #Last90Days


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